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franz erhard walther, first work set, 1963-1969 at “the body decides” exhibition, WIELS contemporary art center, brussels, 2014

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2003 RS + Walter van Beirendonck, Pixydust, aestheticterrorists® autumn—winter 2003—04, Antwerp July 2003. aestheticterrorists® is a label by Walter van Beirendonck. The first presentation was in July 1999 in Paris.
"Dear reader, after the ethical decision to give up designing the W.&.L.T. collections, I immediately relaunched my own first line collection WALTER VAN BERENDONCK. However, as I feel very comfortable designing strong, but affordable clothing, focused on young contemporary people, I created the following new youth brand: aestheticterrorists®, a label with a message! Fighting to get attention! Questioning the fact why the fashion world is killing its most valuable treasures: creativity! I believe in it… do you?” 
The name ‘aestheticterrorists®’ was not chosen for its aggressive meaning, but to stand out in the indifferent world of fashion marketing, and at the same time tries to bring back emotion into this very same world. The slogans: yourenotalone & aestheticterrorists® unite! The target: young people who get a kick out of colourful prints & graphics and are seduced by the made-for-measure prices.
Walter van Beirendonck: Working with Inge is like a fight, but a fight with a beautiful finish and always a fantastic result. Ronald is a dreamer and a believer, a fantastic man and great photographer. A joy and pleasure to work with during all these years…

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Bacteria Culture
Walter Van Beirendonck Spring/Summer 2012 Menswear

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Fashion Buzzphoto Ronald Stoops
High Fashion, 2002

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No. A featuring Dirk Van Saene

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All clothing by Walter Van Beirendonck’s S/S 2003 ‘RESPECT/RETHNK/REACT’ collection
Photographed by Ronald Stoops for Dazed & Confused, Issue 97 

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